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Scott Saunders

photo of scott in a suit at a lecturn
Holocaust Journeys

Supervisor: Prof Shirli GilbertProf François Guesnet


Scott’s research project, Holocaust Journeys, explores why people choose to go to sites of Holocaust history and memory and why organisations within the Jewish Community in the UK organise them. Are the participants fulfilling a pilgrimage of sorts? To what extent do the trips inform participants’ Jewish identity?  

Dark Tourism is not a new concept, however over the past 30 years it has seen a significant increase in global interest. Travel to Holocaust sites is itself a form of Dark Tourism and since the fall of communism, trips to Poland in particular have seen exponential growth. By looking at historical data to understand the relationship with the Anglo-Jewish community and the Holocaust, it will allow a better understanding of how and why these organisations were formed. The project will be heavily based on interviewing past participants as well as educators and community leaders, to get a clearer picture on both their expectations and outcomes.

Scott is the chairman and founder of March of the Living UK. Born in London he was in investment banking for 30 years. During that time he lived and worked in Asia for nearly 20 of those years. On returning from Hong Kong he received his MRES in Modern Jewish History, from the University of Southampton.