UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Ron Hassan

snapshot of Ron outdoors
Zion, Yeshurun & Biblical Onomastics: a new outlook on the history of Hebrew & Israelite gods

Supervisors: Prof Mark Geller, Prof Lily Kahn


Ron’s research project revolves around the evolution of Hebrew and Israelite worship of its popular divine entities, as reflected in Biblical onomastics and its interpretation. The Bible and many external sources provide us with a wealth of clues regarding the true nature of early Israelite theology: there remain little doubt that the monolithic monotheism presented throughout the Bible narrative does not necessarily reflect a valid story. As the Bible itself claims, Israelites have worshiped a myriad of other gods.  However, the center place of Yahweh within Israelite belief system has never been challenged.

Using comparative linguistics and textual analysis techniques, this study focuses on geographic, personal and divine names, attested both in the Bible and in ANE, as a mirror of religious trends. The research examines the morpho-syntactic attributes of these names in an attempt to uncover and learn about the identity of divine beings which they feature. 
Ron is a graduate of Tel-Aviv university, holding an MA degree from the department of Hebrew Culture and Semitic Languages.