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Joel Stokes

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The Politicisation of Stakeholder Heritage Creation within Cross-Cultural Spaces: The Case of the Arab-Palestinian Voice at the City of David and Silwan

Supervisors: Dr Seth Anziska, Dr Beverley Butler (Institute of Archaeology)

Subject Area: Cultural Heritage / Archaeology / Israeli-Palestinian Relations 


Society’s comprehension of what constitutes cultural heritage continues to broaden in the 21st century; this presents the opportunity to revisit past perceptions of culture, identity and socio-political agency.

Joel’s research investigates the historiographical politicisation of stakeholder heritage in cross-cultural spaces, with a particular focus on The City of David and Village of Silwan, East Jerusalem. Through critically analysing the historical and archaeological record, he hopes to map the development of different stakeholder ownership claims (e.g. Jewish-Israeli and Arab-Palestinian) of ‘cultural heritage’ at the site, and how such claims have become the subject of intense socio-political friction.

Joel’s research adopts stakeholder theory (borrowed from business ethics and management) in order to understand the contestation of heritage at cross-cultural sites such as the City of David and Silwan. In conducting this research, he aims to investigate how different, fluid and often opposing heritage claims can exist, in a contemporary context, within the same cultural space.