UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Research Students


snapshot of nir outdoors against a wall
Nir Ben-Porat

Minority Language and Mobility in Ethno-Nationalist Societies: The Case of Palestinians in Tel Aviv

Supervisors: Dr Seth Anziska, Prof Lily Kahn

snapshot of deborah fisher
Deborah Fisher

The Text, Textual History, and Translation Strategies of Targum Qoheleth

Supervisors: Prof Willem Smelik, Prof Lily Kahn

snapshot of Tamara at a desk
Tamara Gleason Freidberg

The Yiddish Press and the Holocaust in Mexico

Supervisors: Prof Shirli Gilbert, Dr Helen Beer

snapshot of Ron outdoors
Ron Hassan

Zion, Yeshurun & Biblical Onomastics: a new outlook on the history of Hebrew & Israelite gods

Supervisors: Prof Mark Geller, Prof Lily Kahn

snapshot of die hu
Die Hu

State Sovereignty and the Treatment of Jewish Refugees in Denmark, 1932-1943: Disentangling Received Narratives of National Pride and Guilt

Supervisors: Prof Michael Berkowitz, Prof Neill Lochery

snapshot of Mie in a large chair
Mie Jensen

Being Queer and Jewish: a Cross-Cultural Study of Ethno-Religious Experiences and Divides

Supervisors: Dr Seth Anziska, Prof Sasha Roseneil 

snapshopt of Nathan Kahn in front of white wall
Nathan Kahn

From Famine to Fame, Transition of the Rabbinate in the Last Third of the 19th Century

Supervisor: Prof François Guesnet


headshot of Jonathan Lewis against a white wall
Jonathan Lewis

Jewish Chaplaincy in the British Armed Forces, from 1892 until today

Supervisor: Prof Michael Berkowitz, Prof François Guesnet

portrait of Ofer Livnat
Ofer Livnat

Sifrei Evronot: 16th-18th Century Jewish Calendar Manuals

Supervisor: Prof Sacha Stern

snapshot of William Pimlott
William Pimlott

Yiddish in Britain: Immigration, Culture and the East End

Supervisors: Dr Helen Beer, Prof Michael Berkowitz

photo of theodosis against a white wall
Theodosis Pipis

An Escape from Eurocentrism and Hellenism: Cypriot History in an Arab Key, 1923-1974

Supervisors: Dr Seth Anziska, Dr Ali Coşkun Tunçer

snapshot of Eli Ruben
Eli Rubin

Tsimtsum in Habad Hasidism

Supervisors: Prof François Guesnet, Prof Ada Rapoport-Albert, Dr Tali Loewenthal

snapshot of Anca Rujan in graduation robes
Anca Rujan

Social Dynamics within the African Diaspora in Israel

Supervisors: Prof Neill Lochery and Dr Seth Anziska

blank placeholder image
Scott Saunders

Holocaust Journeys

Supervisor: Prof Shirli Gilbert, Prof François Guesnet

snapshot of Joel Stokes at a table outside
Joel Stokes

The Politicisation of Stakeholder Heritage Creation within Cross-Cultural Spaces: The Case of the Arab-Palestinian Voice at the City of David and Silwan

Supervisors: Dr. Seth Anziska, Dr. Beverley Butler (Institute of Archaeology)

photo of Robert at a lecturn
Robert Thompson

Liberators, Occupiers, Pastors: Christian Encounters with Holocaust Survivors in Germany, 1945-1950

Supervisors: Prof Shirli Gilbert and Prof Michael Berkowitz

cover of book, Papers of the Jewish Women's Congress: Held at Chicago, September 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1893
Ellery Weil

Jews, Women, Countrywomen: Feminist Alliance Networks and the 1893 Jewish Women's Congress

Supervisors: Prof François Guesnet, Dr Alana Harris (King's College London)

snapshot of Ben Whittle
Ben Whittle

The Greek Translation of Biblical Hebrew Verbal Stems in the Septuagint of the Pentateuch

Supervisors: Prof Willem Smelik, Prof Lily Kahn