UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Research Students

Snapshot of Noa in a garden on a sunny day
Noa Ben David

Jewish identifications and minority integration in contemporary Norway

Supervisors: Prof François Guesnet, Dr Elettra Carbone (Scandinavian Studies, SELCS)

snapshot of nir outdoors against a wall
Nir Ben-Porat

Minority Language and Mobility in Ethno-Nationalist Societies: The Case of Palestinians in Tel Aviv

Supervisors: Dr Seth Anziska, Prof Lily Kahn

snapshot of Tamara at a desk
Tamara Gleason Freidberg

The Yiddish Press and the Holocaust in Mexico

Supervisors: Prof Shirli Gilbert, Dr Helen Beer

snapshot of Ron outdoors
Ron Hassan

Zion, Yeshurun & Biblical Onomastics: a new outlook on the history of Hebrew & Israelite gods

Supervisors: Prof Mark Geller, Prof Lily Kahn

snapshot of die hu
Die Hu

State Sovereignty and the Treatment of Jewish Refugees in Denmark, 1932-1943: Disentangling Received Narratives of National Pride and Guilt

Supervisors: Prof Michael Berkowitz, Prof Neill Lochery


simple ID-style portrait of Zeyu Jiang
Zeyu Jiang

Inter-Cultural Dynamics in the Globalisation of Scientific Practices: A Comparative Study of Babylonian and Chinese Medicine in the 1st Millennium BCE

Supervisors: Prof Mark Geller, Prof Vivienne Lo (Department of History)

snapshot of Mie in a large chair
Mie Jensen

Being Queer and Jewish: a Cross-Cultural Study of Ethno-Religious Experiences and Divides

Supervisors: Dr Seth Anziska, Prof Sasha Roseneil 


portrait of Ofer Livnat
Rabbi Ofer Livnat

Sifrei Evronot: 16th-18th Century Jewish Calendar Manuals

Supervisor: Prof Sacha Stern

photo of theodosis against a white wall
Theodosis Pipis

An Escape from Eurocentrism and Hellenism: Cypriot History in an Arab Key, 1923-1974

Supervisors: Dr Seth Anziska, Dr Ali Coşkun Tunçer

photo of scott in a suit at a lecturn
Scott Saunders

Holocaust Journeys

Supervisor: Prof Shirli Gilbert, Prof François Guesnet

snapshot of Joel Stokes at a table outside
Joel Stokes

The Politicisation of Stakeholder Heritage Creation within Cross-Cultural Spaces: The Case of the Arab-Palestinian Voice at the City of David and Silwan

Supervisors: Dr. Seth Anziska, Dr. Beverley Butler (Institute of Archaeology)