UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Dr Gillian Greenberg

Lecturer (Teaching)



Gillian Greenberg’s first career was in medicine. She worked in a specialist liver unit, then took a career break to bring up her children. She returned to research work, as a consultant to the Medical Research Council, and as a Senior Medical Officer in the Department of Health. She ran a study of hypertension in 20,000 patients, published numerous papers, and co-authored ‘The Pressure to Treat’. In 1990 Gillian Greenberg retired from the field of medicine and fulfilled a life-time ambition to study Semitic languages. Initially, because of family commitments, she studied part-time. In 1999 she began teaching Syriac in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies.


Gillian Greenberg’s research is focused on the Peshitta, the Syriac translation of the Hebrew Bible. Her particular interests are translation technique and the faith of the translators of the Peshitta. She has published papers and a monograph in these and related fields; an annotated translation of the Peshitta to Isaiah; has in press an annotated translation of the Peshitta to the Twelve Prophets, and is currently working on an annotated translation of the Peshitta to Jeremiah.


Gillian Greenberg teaches Syriac. The course introduces the beginning student to the language and to the wide range of Syriac literature. The texts are selected with a view to the rate of progress of the class and the students' own particular fields of interest; for example, material studied may include samples of pagan inscriptions; early Christian inscriptions; work from the school of Bar-Daisan; the Demonstrations of Aphrahat; the Chronicle of Edessa; the Peshitta to the Hebrew Bible and to the New Testament; the Apocalypse of Baruch. Problems inherent in manuscript transmission, and the relevance of these problems to research, are included when appropriate.

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