UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Transactions and the history of Jews at UCL

11 April 2018

cover of journal features antique photo of Jewish Historical Society with people in front

Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, commonly referred to as Transactions, journal for what is regarded as the oldest continuous historical-interest organization in the world, the Jewish Historical Society of England (JHSE) is an imprint of UCL Press edited by our very own Prof Michael Berkowitz.

Read more about the fascinating history and future of Jews at UCL and this long running journal in Prof Berkowitz's blog for the Woolf Institute.


Hyman Hurwitz of UCL was the first Jewish professor, anywhere, teaching and writing on Hebrew and Jewish subjects outside the telos of Christianity. The cliché that UCL — to friends and foes alike — was "the godless college in Gower Street" belies a deeper, more complex, and coarser history than often is admitted.