UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


International Graduate Student Conference 2012

18 August 2011


Jewish Spirituality in Eastern Europe — A Textual Perspective

The Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at UCL is pleased to announce plans for an International Graduate Student Conference, devoted to explorations of multiple aspects of Jewish spirituality in Eastern Europe, to be held on 5th and 6th of June 2012 in London. The conference organizers invite graduate students and recent PhD holders to submit their proposals. We welcome presentations addressing any aspect of the religious history and religious culture of Eastern European Jewry, with an emphasis on their textual products. We are particularly interested in proposals which open up new perspectives and pose new questions regarding conceptual frameworks and traditional definitions used to describe Eastern Europe in the field of Jewish Studies. Topics may include:

  • Mysticism and Kabbalah—texts and traditions
  • Halakhah in the Eastern European perspective - formative disputes and debates
  • Egalitarian and elitist approaches to Jewish religiosity
  • Heterodoxy vs. orthodoxy in Eastern European Judaism
  • The Holocaust and its aftermath in Jewish spiritual life
  • Images of Judaism in secular literature
  • The revival of Jewish religious communities after communism.

Please submit proposals of up to 300 words in English, including your name, academic affiliation and e-mail contact, by 1st January 2012 to Agata Paluch.

Conference organizers provide accommodation in London for the duration of the conference. Limited number of travel bursaries will be available upon application.