UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Adam Gower

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Jacob Schiff and the Financing of Japan

Supervisors: Prof. Michael BerkowitzDr. Neill Lochery

Subject area: Modern History / History of Business

Period of Study:  2008 - 2016


Dr. Adam Gower has over 30 years and more than $1.5 billion of transactional experience developing and financing real estate.  His research has covered the underwriting of risk by the investment bank Kuhn Loeb, eventually to merge with Lehman Brothers in 1977, in the issuance of bond financing for Japan during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-05.  Most particularly, Dr. Gower has identified a close resemblance between the way securities were marketed during the pre-1933 Securities Act era, and the way in which the 2012 JOBS Act regulations have re-enabled many of the same practices. Using the insights Dr. Gower has gained over his lengthy professional career, his work sheds light on how an important period of banking and finance history is set to repeat itself and, in the process, he is acknowledged to have broken new ground in historical interpretation. He is on Faculty at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where he teaches real estate investment and finance classes with a focus on fintech and crowd funding.  Dr. Gower is also the founder of the National Real Estate Forum, a widely syndicated podcast series, where he speaks with crowd funding real estate industry leaders and produces online courses to educate both investors and sponsors alike in the benefits of this new form of real estate finance.