Access to the HEAR

Students who are eligible to receive a HEAR will access them via Gradintel’s website. HEARs are provided in electronic format and cannot be printed by students.

Access and use of Gradintel services is free for students. Students who wish to share their HEAR with third parties such as prospective employers, other higher education institutions or any other third party can do so by issuing them with a secure token. Third parties, who have a token issued by students, may view the verified HEAR and print a copy, but it should be noted that the printed version is no longer a verified record by UCL.

UCL has no access to any information posted by individual students to the Gradintel website.

UCL will publish interim HEARs on Gradintel’s site twice a year in August and October. In both cases, publication relates to the previous academic session. Students will be made aware that HEARs are available by the Examinations Section, Registry and Academic Services.

HEARs will record academic achievements (results) and verified non-degree achievements. Each publication will overwrite any previously published HEAR. When a student leaves UCL upon graduation, or for any other reason, a final version will be published.

On an exceptional basis UCL will provide a paper copy of a HEAR transcript. Certified printed copies of the HEAR are available upon request.

Gradintel provides other services and students who are currently not eligible for a HEAR can register directly with Gradintel. These services are also free for students. However UCL will not be uploading academic and non-degree related achievements for these students.

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