UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Therapies and Interventions

Engineering technologies underpin the development of most healthcare therapies and interventions. There is an extraordinary breadth and depth of research into this at UCL ranging from regenerative therapies and tissue engineering to simulations that help clinicians prepare for surgical procedures or predict the efficacy of drug delivery. 

Our researchers are working at the forefront of advances in surgical intervention, using the latest in medical imaging and augmented reality to help surgeons plan their route pre-surgery and guide them during procedures. Nano-engineers are creating miniaturised imaging and sensing devices capable of fitting on the tip of a needle, and experts in robotics are developing flexible surgical robots able to steady motion and ensure micro-precise manipulation of tissue.

The case-studies below offer a glimpse of the healthcare engineering research activity within therapies and interventions at UCL. If you would like your research project to be featured here, please email healthcare-eng@ucl.ac.uk