UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Data-enabled Society for Health: Challenges and Opportunities

8 November 2022

Recent years have seen dramatic advances of big data in healthcare. In our workshop on Thursday 3 November, we explored how surveillance capitalism, data ownership, regulation and control of privacy plays a part in data extraction. 

people sitting on chairs, in a circle, having a discussion

On Thursday 3 November we held a workshop and strategic panel that explored the rapid rise of healthcare data and what this means for us.

During the early part of the event, our panellists spoke on varying themes and how they affected the healthcare data we hold in the NHS.

  • James Wilson spoke on the trust and governance of healthcare data
  • Neo Mapitse on identifying and understanding the needs of data
  • Margeret Charleroy on the challenges and opportunities present in healthcare data
  • And Stefan Elbe spoke on data culture

people sitting in rows with panellists on front

After talks from our panel we had breakout rooms with attendees having the chance to discuss various topics. The topics in discussion were:

  • Ownership and control, chaired by Melanie Smallman
    In this group, we explored who should really own our healthcare data, how we can protect privacy, how to globally address equality and equity of access to the opportunities of data enabled society for health and how we may be able to reclaim data from Big Tech for public good.
  • Regulations, standards and protection, chaired by Stephen Roberts
    In group 2, we discussed how we can be consistent in regulating data on a national and international level, what the challenges and opportunities are and how we can protect the most vulnerable.
  • Ethics, culture, access and expectations, chaired by Neo Mapitse
    Lastly, in this round table discussion, we covered how we can shape international relationships that enable ethical and culturally sound access to data. We also discussed how we can address the legal challenges of data access and how we can identify the need for healthcare data.

Building on the momentum of this event, we’ll be publishing a white paper for publication with all panellists and chairs as co-authors.  

This event was a cross collaborative effort from our Global Delivery Group, with special thanks to Patty Kostkova for all the work she’s put into making this possible.