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Spotlight on UCL Ventura CPAP manufacture in India

7 October 2020

A team in India has successfully gained in-country, regulatory approval for their CPAP device, based off the designs and manufacturing instructions UCL Ventura released at no cost for humanitarian use

India city

The team at SecureMeters in India have secured in-country regulatory approval for their UCL Ventura-based CPAP devices. They have successfully manufactured 40 CPAP devices so far, and these are being used in clinical trials in three hospitals across India. 

They are planning to manufacture up to 200 devices initially. Their immediate next steps are to focus on supply to Maharashtra, an area of India where COVID-19 infections are rapidly increasing. 

When the pandemic hit us, we realized that the UCL Ventura open source license offered us a quick route to serve the impacted communities. We were impressed by the simplicity of its design and its specific suitability to Covid19 patient applications. Although we did not have the market reach in the medical devices segment, our engineering expertise with mass production of complex smart meters and control products under strict process control norms suitable for the global market gave us the strength to jump into this venture. With the help of a very supportive team from UCL and Mercedes, we were successful in quickly developing the supply chain and manufacturing facilities for the CPAP p12 device. Our devices have been qualified against the UCL Ventura specifications and have received the necessary regulatory clearances in India.  A few clinical trials have been done and we are seeing a growing interest in the markets. Being able to do our part in fighting this pandemic is a satisfying experience. 
Swati Doshi, SecureMeters 

The company has had years of of Research & Developement experience in instrumentation and gas flow measurement techniques, which they leveraged to design and produce their CPAP p12 device.

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Video above: SecureMeters has produced their own instructional video of the CPAP device and its features to support its clinical use