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UCLH BRC grants £500,000 to Healthcare Engineering and Imaging theme projects

3 May 2019

The NIHR UCLH BRC’s Healthcare Engineering and Imaging (HE&I) theme has awarded more than £500,000 to scientists and engineers at UCL across twelve research projects.

MRI scanner

The NIHR UCLH BRC aims to support experimental medicine, from basic science to first-in-human trials. The successful HE&I projects were chosen based on their clear clinical-engineering collaboration and translational impact within two to three years.

Prof Danny Alexander, HE&I Theme Director says:

"We are very excited by the range of disciplines in these awards. These projects will diversify the HE&I Theme portfolio, ensuring even more patients can benefit from the world-leading engineering and translational research at UCL and the clinical excellence at UCLH."

The twelve award recipients are:

  1. Andreas Demosthenous – Biosensor for fast pOint-of-care Blood Analysis of Troponin
  2. Paul Beard – Clinical translation of photoacoustic imaging for the assessment of rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Joseph Jacob – Using Deep Learning of CT Features to Predict Survival and Identify Disease Subtypes in Fibrosing Lung Disease
  4. Rui Loureiro – VR & Robotic Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
  5. Geoffrey Parker – Tumour mimetic phantoms for diffusion MRI standardisation (TumoMim)
  6. Neil Oxtoby – MC-PMT-D3PM: Memory Clinic Patient Management Tools from Data-Driven Disease Progression Modelling
  7. Ryo Torii – Biomechanical insight into failed coronary arterial bypass grafts in high risk, vulnerable patients with poor ventricles
  8. Jamie McLelland – Image Analysis for Studying Radiotherapy Induced Lung Damage (RILD)
  9. Pier Lambiase – Integration of electrophysiological and structural myocardial mapping to personalise treatment and improve ablation outcomes
  10. Stavroula Babalani – OPTIMAL – Objective, Personalised Treatment of Peripheral Arteriovenous Malformations via a Novel Platform Combining Engineering and Imaging Tools
  11. Ivana Drobnjak – Learning from high-dimensional data to quantify intra-operative risk in frailty and map patient outcome
  12. Margaret Hall Craggs – Optimisation of a multiparametric, quantitative MRI tool for assessment of bone and joint health in inflammatory disease.

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