UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


IHE Annual Report 2018-2019

5 July 2019

We are delighted to publish our Annual Report for 2018-2019.

IHE Annual Report

Over the past year, UCL’s healthcare engineers have made advances that push at the forefront of what is possible in our eld. These advances have spanned foundational engineering that lays the groundwork for the next generation of healthcare technologies, through to realising patient impact in a staggeringly diverse range of areas. This report conveys a snapshot of this activity by celebrating some of the year’s highlights and successes.

We also look back at various initiatives that we have led and developed through the Institute of Healthcare Engineering (IHE). We have strengthened and grown our partnerships across UCL and the UCL Partner hospitals, as well as developed new international partnerships, for example around affordable healthcare technologies. We have broadened our focus, and are working to embed students, researchers and staff of all career stages in the IHE. To this end, we have run over 40 events ranging from our IHE Annual Research Symposium, colloquia and research dissemination events, early-career training and engagement, and 13 IHE Workshop Awards to stimulate interdisciplinary research activity.

This interdisciplinarity is at our core and our community spans across multiple UCL Faculties and disciplines. Our heart has sat in the Faculty of Engineering since the Institute’s inception in 2012, but our remit continues to broaden and grow. In March this year, we merged with the former Institute of Digital Health (IDH) to unite our focus on transforming lives through digital and medical technologies, and draw together the existing synergies between these communities.

The year ahead sees more plans for growth, continuing to strengthen our partnerships within UCL and with our clinical, patient, industry and global collaborators. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this exciting journey so far and, for those of you reading that are newer to us, we hope to see more of you over the coming year.

Read on for a deeper dive into our activity through chapters that correspond to our six identified priority areas and Delivery Groups; Research, Translation & Industry, Careers, Engagement, Education and Global. We hope you enjoy it!


Dr Rebecca Shipley, IHE Director

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