UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Prof Roger Kamm, MIT, visits UCL for cancer workshop & colloquium

4 February 2019

Last week, in collaboration with the UCL Institute for the Physics of Living Systems (IPLS), we hosted a half-day workshop on the mechanobiology of cancer.

Prof Roger Kamm

As part of the event, ‘Applying physics and engineering to fight cancer’ we welcomed Professor Roger Kamm, Professor of Biological and Mechanical Engineering at MIT.

Professor Kamm has served on the MIT faculty since 1978 and has long been instrumental in developing research activities at the interface of biology and mechanics. His current interests are in developing models of healthy and diseased organ function using microfluidic technologies, with a focus on vascularisation.

Tumours are notoriously heterogeneous. The goal of this workshop was to build a multidisciplinary community to develop methods to map the mechanical, structural, chemical and genetic heterogeneity of tumours. The IHE is also funding a PhD studentship related to activities from the event.

During the first half, we heard presentations from an interdisciplinary range of speakers including researchers from the Francis Crick Institute, UCL Department of Mechanical Engineering and the UCL Division of Biosciences.

This was followed by a productive group discussion around the EPSRC call ‘Building Collaboration at the Physics of Life Interface’ for a cancer mechanobiology proposal.

After the workshop, Professor Kamm gave a keynote talk as part of the IHE colloquium series, ‘Microphysiological Models for Metastatic Cancer’. Attendees then had the opportunity to continue the day’s discussions over networking drinks.

Thank you to Professor Kamm and others who attended for making this a successful and fruitful event.