UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Call for Proposals: BRC Healthcare Engineering & Imaging Theme

14 November 2018

The UCLH BRC HE&I theme seeks proposals for new flagship areas to broaden the theme’s portfolio.

MRI scanner

Deadline: 8 February 2019. 

The UCLH BRC HE&I theme seeks proposals for new flagship areas to broaden the theme’s portfolio. An investment of £50K per flagship is anticipated with the aim, in combination with matched funding, of supporting a post-doc for two years. Extension to the end of the current BRC cycle (March 2022) is possible pending successful review in 2020. Please note the NIHR policy precludes funding animal research.

We expect:

  1. Projects to focus on development and translation of engineering and imaging technology with application in healthcare.
  2. Projects to involve clear clinical-engineering collaboration with strong PI involvement from both sides.
  3. Projects with clear translational impact within the timeframe of the current BRC, i.e. realistic translation from basic science to first-in-man and/or implementation in the NHS in the next 2-3 years. We may consider compelling cases for longer-term ideas that have the potential to become a flagship HE&I topic in the next BRC.
  4. Projects to include a clear plan for follow-on or supplemental external funding.
  5. To prioritise applications that have matched funding, from other BRC themes or elsewhere, thereby extending the ~50K investment to two years of post-doc.
  6. To prioritise projects that do not require new recruitment, i.e. already have researchers in place to execute the work.
  7. To support relatively few new initiatives focussed on cancer imaging and neuroimaging, since these topics are strongly represented already within the HE&I theme portfolio. However, we do not rule out supporting compelling cases.

Please note that:

  • Costs are primarily for personnel, but may include modest imaging, manufacturing, or other engineering costs.
  • Successful applicants will be required to submit both annual and final reports summarising outcomes and impact of the BRC support and keep the HE&I theme board informed of progress and outcomes.

In this call, awards will be made by competition and will be reviewed by the HE&I Theme Board.  Expert review will be sought where needed.

Investigators are expected to acknowledge the BRC in all publications. Please see here for recommended wording.