UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Advances in Craniosynostosis – Basic Science to Clinical Practice (Mini Symposium)

1 August 2018

UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering were proud to sponsor a fascinating mini-symposium on Advances in Craniosynostosis.

The symposium that took place at UCL Engineering Building was hosted by Dr Mehran Moazen - a Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at UCL Mechanical Engineering.

Craniosynostosis affects 1 in 2,000 new-borns. It is a medical condition caused by early fusion of cranial joints (sutures) in children where their premature fusion by turning into bone (ossification) changes the growth pattern of the skull.


The well attended event looked at the basic science to the clinical practice of craniosynostosis and featured speakers from around the world, including, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Paris and Rotterdam. 

Presentations ranged from looking at clinical, developmental, biomechanical and genetic perspectives to looking at new therapies that could potentially prevent such causes and/or improve surgical outcomes.


Dr Moazen said “The symposium was interesting and informative bringing a truly multi-disciplinary team of active researchers in the field together in a very focused meeting on craniosynostosis. The team are now thinking to turn this to a bi-annual conference/meeting.”

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