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Spotlights on our international progress with CPAPs

Teams across the world are manufacturing the UCL-Ventura CPAP breathing aid to fight coronavirus in their country.

In Mexico: Baja Ventura Breathing

In Baja California, Mexico, a group of more than 30 businesses is manufacturing UCL-Ventura CPAPs for their state. Led by Luciano Arguello, owner of Mold Craft Solutions, the Baja Ventura Breathing team have produced more than 100 devices for local hospitals. 

Watch our video interview with Luciano

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In Ecuador: UCL researcher supports her home country

Ecuador Minister of Health visits UCL

Image above: we are visited at UCL by a team from Ecuador including the Ecuadorian Minister of Health

A team Ecuadorian researchers, based in the country and overseas, are working to create CPAPs in their country with limited manufacturing resources. The group has close ties to UCL, thanks to Dr Sara Adela Abad Guamán, who works in the Mechanical Engineering department.

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In Australia: Walkinshaw Automotive Group and Premcar join forces

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Australian racing car manufacturing rivals Walkinshaw Automotive Group and Premcar united to produce UCL-Ventura CPAPs. The group received approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration in June to use the devices in Australian hospitals. 

UCL Ventura devices in use in five Palestinian hospitals 

Our UCL team has been working with the non-profit International Medical Education Trust (IMET2000), Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and other partners to bring UCL Ventura CPAP devices to Palestine where they are vitally needed to support the fight against COVID-19.

Fifteen CPAP devices arrived in September and have now been donated to five Palestinian hospitals, along with 400 breathing circuits. The UCL Ventura devices are now being used in Al-Askareh Hospital in Nablus, Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, Hugo Chavez Hospital in Ramallah, Allia Hospital in Hebron and Dora Hospital in Hebron. There are nine more devices and 200 further breathing circuits on their way.

Palestine arrival of devices

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Over 500 CPAP devices manufactured for use in Pakistan 

Alsons Group

The Alsons Group in Pakistan have successfully gained in-country regulatory approval for their version of the UCL Ventura CPAP device and are mass manufacturing devices for use in hospitals. Find out more in our spotlight feature on the Alsons Group.

Regulatory approval and manufacture in India 

A team at SecureMeters in India have secured in-country regulatory approval for their UCL Ventura-based CPAP devices. They have successfully manufactured 40 CPAP devices so far, and these are being used in clinical trials in three hospitals across India. 

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Teams in Paraguay progress rapidly with local CPAP manufacture

Paraguay testing

"What UCL has achieved in the UK and around the world is what humanity is all about – helping each other without expecting anything in return. Together, we can create a real impact across the globe" - UCL Ventura's collaborator Niels Birbaumer, Smart City Tech is manufacturing CPAPs in Paraguay

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