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Healthy Weight Research Themes

We have four workstreams covering: economic circumstances and outcomes, behavioural science, food systems and policy analysis, and life course prevention and weight management. Public engagement is framed as a cross-cutting theme at the heart of each workstream.

Priority Research Themes

Our work is carried out across four workstreams. Click below to explore the research projects we are conducting under each of these themes.

Lifecourse prevention & weight management workstream

The Lifecourse Prevention and Weight Management workstream assesses policy settings across the life-course with a particular focus on schools, families and neighbourhoods.

Behavioural science workstream

The Behavioural Science workstream establishes the environmental, social, psychological and behavioural processes contributing to weight trajectories and mental health, identifying how behaviour change and modifications to the micro- and macro-environment can be harnessed to support healthy weight.

Economic circumstances and outcomes workstream

The Economic Circumstances and Outcomes workstream undertakes analyses to understand dietary choices and how policy can affect these choices; it will analyse responses and resilience to economic shocks, and how effects interact with existing inequalities.

Food systems and policy analysis workstream

The Food Systems and Policy Analysis workstream undertakes methodological innovations in qualitative and mixed methods to evaluate the impact of policy approaches on people experiencing inequalities and food systems affected by policy.

Archived Obesity Policy Research Unit Workstreams

The Healthy Weight Policy Research Unit was previously called the Obesity Policy research Unit and covered the following themes: 

  1. Child and adolescent obesity: Led by Russell Viner at the Institute for Child Health (UCL)
  2. Environment and behaviour change: Led by Andrew Steptoe and Clare Llewellyn at the Behavioural Science and Health (UCL)
  3. Economic analysis: Led by Rachel Griffith and Britta Augsburg at the Institute for Fiscal Studies
  4. Food systems and policy analysis: Led by Christina Vogel at City University

You can view the policy research unit outputs on our Healthy Weight Publications page. 


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