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The Collaboration for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), is hosted by UCL and is committed to understanding and developing better and more sustainable means of effecting medical innovation.

Welcome to CASMI

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CASMI, the Collaboration for the Advancement of Sustainable Innovation is now in its 6th year. Our goal is clear – to enhance the pace, productivity, and sustainability of medical innovation to address unmet clinical need and benefit the health and wealth of the populations we serve.

The complex nature of medical innovation demands a multidisciplinary, multisectoral and interinstitutional endeavour conducted in a spirit of collaboration if that goal is to be reached. No one institution or discipline can solve the problems that hamper pace and productivity alone. These essential features of the endeavour define the nature of CASMI – a network of committed Fellows and interested parties that transcends institutional and geographical boundaries and draws on expertise from academia, industry, the health system, and regulatory authorities alike.

We seek to raise awareness of critical issues facing medical innovation and advance compelling solutions through summits, workshops, educational initiatives, Fellowship engagement that leverages their expertise, and reports. Regardless of the prevailing positive policy framework supporting the life sciences, it is our belief that progress will be slower unless practitioners and emergent and established leaders possess a more holistic view of the challenges to be addressed and hurdles to be overcome to advance their own contribution to medical innovation and influence the system for the better.

We hope you will be stimulated to support the social movement we seek to create so that the burgeoning advances in science and technology are translated more rapidly into societal benefit.

Professor Sir John Tooke - CASMI CHAIR




CASMI is a UCL-hosted international networking group that is committed to understanding and developing better and more sustainable means of effecting medical innovation.



The CASMI Fellowship offers an attractive opportunity for broader engagement with international academic and industrial colleagues to develop research projects that address unmet clinical need.