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Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP)

Formally the Academic Foundation Programme.

Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP)


UCL hosts the Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) from the North Central and East London Foundation School (formerly North Central Thames Foundation School).  The North Central and East London Foundation School is a Foundation School linked to UCL Medical School and Health Education North Central and East London (HENCEL).

These posts provide Foundation doctors with the opportunity to develop research, teaching and leadership / management skills in addition to the current basic clinical competencies outlined in the Foundation curriculum.

They are intended to be beneficial to both trainees who plan to go into academic medicine (the majority of SFP trainees) as well as those who choose a different medical career.

The Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) is a 2 year programme with one Academic placement in the second year of training (FY2).

For detailed information about the offered programme and application process, please see Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) and 


Please see below for the SFP specialties and SFP leads:

Programme Based atLead 
AnaestheticsUCLHDr Robert CM Stephens
Cellular PathologyRoyal FreeDr Paul Bass
Clinical Pharmacology/Cardiovascular Medicine UCLHDr Andrew Scourfield
HeptaologyRoyal FreeProf Massimo Pinzani
Medical EducationRoyal FreeDr Aine Burns
Medical VirologyRoyal FreeDr Tabitha Mahungu
Neurology and NeuroscienceRoyal FreeProf Anette Schrag
Nuclear MedicineRoyal FreeDr Thomas Wagner
PaediatricsUCLH & GOSHProf Alastair Sutcliffe
Primary Care and Population HealthWhittingtonProf Joe Rosenthal
PsychiatryCamden &IslingtonDr Sergi Costafreda
RadiologyRoyal FreeDr Mohamed Khalifa 
RheumatologyRoyal FreeDr Richard Stratton
HPB and Liver Transplant SurgeryRoyal FreeProf Brian Davidson
Women's Health UCLHDr Dimitros Siasakos
Neontology (part of Paediatrics)UCLH & GOSHProf Howard Clark

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Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) Bursary Allowance

The Isaac Schapera Research Trust was established following a bequest from Professor Isaac Schapera for the purpose of contributing towards the cost of research at any one or some of the University of London Medical Schools into problems relating to the causes and cures of diseases. 

The SFP bursary will provide £500 for each trainee to pay for conferences including travel, accommodation and subsistence and/or short courses.

As a SFP trainee, you are eligible for a £500 bursary during your FY2 and SFP academic placement.  This is for all expenses associated with your academic development (e.g. conferences, workshops and research visits including travel, registration and hotel costs).  This is not to cover laboratory costs or consumables.

Accessing your Bursary

This is a retrospective expense, so you will need to pay the costs first and then submit an expense claim.  You will need to complete a UCL expense claim form and send with your proof of payment/receipts to Rachel McKenzie at r.mckenzie@ucl.ac.uk 

For further details and to request a UCL expense claim form, please contact Rachel Mckenize.

Please refer to UCL Expense Claim Policy in making any bursary claims.