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Academic Clinical Fellowships

UCL is proud to have one of the largest cohorts of National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) trainees in the UK.

Academic Clinical Fellowships pathway

We have approximately 100 NIHR and locally funded Academic Clinical Fellows and 50 NIHR and locally funded Clinical Lecturers in posts across UCL and our UCL Partner Academic Health Science Centres and Hospitals.

Our Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) schemes have an overall success rate of approximately 85% in securing peer-reviewed internationally competitive research funding to continue their clinical academic careers. For more information, please see NIHR Integrated Academic Training and NIHR IAT Guide

Please see below for the UCL UCAT Guide:

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2024 ACF Recruitment

Recruitment to the 2024 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACF's) will open - 6th October 2023.

  • All posts are advertised via Oriel
  • Health Education England (HEE) is responsible for the application and interview process.
  • For enquiries about the application process you can contact HEE directly via the Support Portal
  • See the table below for a list of the 2024 UCL ACFs

2024 NIHR ACF Posts

Post NumberSpecialityLead
ACF Post 1Clinical Oncolgy ST3Dr Crispin Hiley
ACF Post 2Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics IMT3Prof Andrew Scourfield
ACF Post 3Genito-Urinary Medicine ST4Prof Richard Gilson
ACF Post 4Medical Oncology IMT1-ST3Prof Gert Attard
ACF Post 5Neurology  ST1Prof Simon Mead
ACF Post 6Obstetrics & Gynaecology  ST1-ST3Prof Dimitris Siasakos
ACF Post 7Ophthalmology ST3Dr Omar Mahroo

Themed Posts

Post NumberSpecialityThemeLead
ACF Post 8Gastroenterology ST3Clinical Therapeutics & Pharmacology & IndustryProf Emmanouil Tsochatzis
ACF Post 9Geriatric Medicine ST4Multiple Long Term ConditionsProf Daniel Davies
ACF Post 10Haematology ST3Clinical Therapeutics & Pharmacology & IndustryDr Rob Sellar
ACF Post 11Old Age Psychiatry CT1-3DementiaDr Sergi Costafreda
ACF Post 12Paediatrics ST1-4Prevention and Public HealthProf Sir Terence Stephenson
ACF Post 13Plastic Surgery ST2-3Clinical Education ResearchProf Afshin Mosahebi
ACF Post 14Respiratory Medicine ST3Therapeutics or Clinical PharmacologyProf Jeremy Brown


Post NumberSpeciality Funding Lead
ACF Post 15Public Health Medicine ST1-2NIHR UKHSAProf Nigel Field

Locally funded Posts 

Post NumberSpecialityFunding Lead
ACF Post 16General Practice ST1Multiple Long Term ConditionsProf Joe Rosenthal

Dental Posts 

Post NumberSpecialityFunding Lead
ACF Post 17Oral Surgery DCT1NIHR DentalProf Stephen Porter
ACF Post 18Oral Medicine DCT1NIHR DentalProf Stephen Porter