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Health & Medical Sciences Module Library

Modules in the Library are drawn from a wide range of programmes across the UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences. The lists in the tabs below show modules in the Library for the academic year 2016-17 (subject to confirmation).

New modules are added to the library on an ongoing basis.

To help you plan a timetable a blank programme planner is available.

All Health & Medical Sciences students study Healthcare Quality & Evidence Based Practice or an equivalent module and select others from the Module Library.

Students working towards an MSc award are also required to complete Research Methods in Healthcare or an equivalent research methods module as a foundation for the MSc dissertation.

A to Z

Modules ordered alphabetically by title.

by Theme

Modules are grouped here under the following themes - modules with broad relevance appear more than once:

Clinical Specialty: Cancer

Clinical Specialty: Child Health

Chronic Disease Management

Education and Training

Law, Ethics, Clinical Governance

Leadership and Management

Clinical Specialty: Mental Health

Organisational Issues

Patient Perspectives and Experience

Clinical Specialty: Primary Care

Public Health

Quality and Clinical Effectiveness

Research Methods and Skills

Clinical Specialty: Sexual Health

Clinical Specialty: Sports Science

Using Technology to support Patient Care

Clinical Specialty: Women's Health

by Category

Modules grouped into three broad categories: Clinical Practice &  Patient Care, Professional Development, and Service Development.

Clinical Practice and Patient Care

Professional Development

Service Development

by Code

Modules ordered alphabetically by module code

by Start Date

Modules ordered by start date (where dates are available).

September 2016

29/09/2016 (SURGGE03) Sports Injury 3 - Head, Neck & Spine (12 weeks)

29/09/2016 (SURGGE07) Exercise Physiology (12 weeks)

October 2016

03/10/2016 (CHLDGP11) Epidemiology for Child Health (1 week)

03/10/2016 (CHMEGH22) Research Methods in Healthcare (9 weeks)

03/10/2016 (CHMEGH23) Principles of Health Informatics (9 weeks)

03/10/2016 (HPSYG004) Health Related Behaviours & Cognitions (11 weeks)

03/10/2016 (HPSYG005) Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods 1 (11 weeks)

17/10/2016 (IFWHG019) Research and Innovation in Practice (10 weeks)

19/10/2016 (CHLDGX01) Evidence-based Child Health (9 weeks)

November 2016

07/11/2016 (CHLDGS10) Research Methodology and Statistics (5 weeks)

December 2016

05/12/2016 (CHMEGH25) Shared Care & Electronic Health Records (9 weeks)

05/12/2016 (CHMEGH26) eHealth: Patients and the Internet (9 weeks)

05/12/2016 (CHMEGH30) Healthcare Quality & Evidence Based Practice (9 weeks)

January 2017

05/01/2017 (SURGGE04) Health & Physical Activity (11 weeks)

09/01/2017 (CINSG015) Cancer Biology (9 weeks)

09/01/2017 (HPSYG001) Chronic Illness from the Health Psychology Perspective (11 weeks)

09/01/2017 (HPSYG002) Physical and Mental Health, Stress and Ageing (11 weeks)

09/01/2017 (IFWHG016) Consent & Confidentiality in Health Care (9 weeks)

16/01/2017 (EPIDGS34) Behavioural Approaches to Cancer Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Survivorship (8 weeks)

February 2017

20/02/2017 (CHMEGH17) Using Information in Healthcare Management (9 weeks)

20/02/2017 (CHMEGH29) Patient Safety & Clinical Risk (9 weeks)

27/02/2017 (CHMEGH18) Litigation, Complaints and Concerns: Raising Clinical Standards (9 weeks)

March 2017

06/03/2017 (CHLDGP15) Safeguarding and Children in Society (1 week)

13/03/2017 (CHLDGP12) Immunisation & Communicable Diseases (1 week)

13/03/2017 (STDSG009) Clinical Aspects of HIV (3 weeks)

27/03/2017 (CINSG016) Cancer Therapeutic Innovation (8 weeks)

27/03/2017 (IFWHG017) Engaging Patients in Health Care (8 weeks)

April 2017

24/04/2017 (EPIDGS42) Health Inequalities over the Lifecourse (4 weeks)

24/04/2017 (IFWHG018) Health Care, Errors and the Law (10 weeks)

24/04/2017 (STDSG016) Sexual Health: Designing Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes in Low and Middle Income Countries (3 weeks)

May 2017

02/05/2017 (CHMEGH24) Information Systems in Healthcare (9 weeks)

02/05/2017 (CHMEGH28) Clinical Knowledge & Decision Making (9 weeks)

08/05/2017 (CHMEGH31) Information Law & Governance in Clinical Practice (8 weeks)

15/05/2017 (CHLDGX03) Leadership & Professional Development (1 week)

15/05/2017 (EPIDGS21) Ethnicity, Migration & Health (4 weeks)

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