Smoking Toolkit Study

Principal Investigator
Professor Robert West (UCL) 
Professor Susan Michie, Dr Lion Shahab (UCL), Dr Jamie Brown (UCL)
Additional UCL team members
Dr Emma Beard, Dr Ildiko Tombor 
Project start and end dates 
April 2017 – March 2022
Funder Cancer Research UK
Project website

Project details


The Smoking Toolkit Study (STS) is a national programme which has tracked key indicators of smoking and smoking cessation in England since 2006. Through face-to-face and computer-based household surveys of representative samples of adults (aged 16+), over 200,000 respondents, including 40,000 smokers and recent ex-smokers, have been involved in the programme. 

The research team have been granted further funding from Cancer Research UK to continue this programme with the aim of:

1. providing insights into population-wide influences on smoking and smoking cessation and,

2. advancing the scientific foundation, and furthering the development of, potentially wide-reaching digital technologies.

This latest funding will be used to extend and continue the programme of household surveys in order to obtain sufficiently powered data to investigate the population-level effects of various mass smoking cessation interventions. A key part of the new programme will be to investigate the effects of hazardous drinking on smoking cessation by incorporating the AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test) questionnaire - one of the key outcomes from the NIHR SPHR funded Alcohol Toolkit Study (ATS), also based at UCL.

The STS team, in collaboration with Quit 51, will also conduct two randomised-controlled trials: the first comparing digital smoking aids involving 40,000 smokers, and the second examining the effect of adding stop-smoking modules to a smartphone app with 4,000 pregnant smokers.