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Law for Health

UCL Health of the Public's Law for Health community examines the broad relationship between law and health.

In recent years health systems have sought to address health inequalities and identify the root causes of these inequalities, known as the ‘social determinants of health’. The law, rather than medicine, is the solution for some, in particular those without funding or the knowledge that the law can help them, for example, secure better quality housing; increase their income by accessing welfare benefits or providing employment advice. If you are a researcher working in this area, please get in touch to find out how you can work with us. 

Law for Health covers a range of work including:

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Health Justice Partnerships

Health justice partnerships (HJPs) are collaborations between healthcare and free community legal services, providing assistance for patients with social welfare legal issues. 

Commercial determinants of health and health inequalities


SPECTRUM is a multi-university, multi-agency research consortium generating new evidence to inform the prevention of NCDs caused by unhealthy products. UCL is leading research to develop and integrate new data sources on smoking and alcohol, to inform action.