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Find out more about UCL's research into Covid-19.

UCL experts are urgently researching new ways of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and are taking a prominent role in advancing public knowledge by advising world leaders, collaborating with key partners and providing expert commentary to inform the media. Find out more about this work on the UCL COVID-19 Research webpages, view all UCL’s published content related to the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic via ScienceOpen, and in our spotlight interviews and case studies below.

David Alexander

Spotlight on Prof David Alexander

Since the crisis began, David has been running a Covid-19 observatory and codifying the results into successive iterations of a document called "Building Planning Scenarios for Viral Pandemics".

Helen Chatterjee

Spotlight on Prof Helen Chatterjee

Helen’s research explores how communities are responding to the pandemic and aims to understand how complex community ecosystems can be adapted to tackle inequalities in society.

Lena resized

Spotlight on Dr Lena Ciric

Lena’s research explores how SARS-CoV-2 might spread in the built environment and how transmission can be reduced. Lena is also working with TfL advising on how best to protect bus drivers and passengers.

Daisy Fancourt

Spotlight on Dr Daisy Fancourt

Daisy leads the 'COVID-19 Social Study', a longitudinal study into the psychological and social impact of the pandemic involving over 95,000 adults in the UK.

Ian Hamilton

Spotlight on Dr Ian Hamilton

In response to the pandemic, Ian helped the International Energy Agency write their World Energy Investment report which considers the impact of using COVID-19 stimulus to foster a green and healthy transition to achieving the Paris Agreement.

Jeff King

Spotlight on Prof Jeff King

Jeff is the Co-Principal Investigator on the 'Lex-Atlas: Covid-19: A Comparative Study of National Legal Responses to COVID-19' AHRC-funded project.

Katherine Twamley

Spotlight On Dr Katherine Twamley

Katherine is coordinating a ten country consortium of qualitative studies exploring families’ experiences of life during (and potentially after) Covid-19.

Haim Yacobi

Spotlight on Prof Haim Yacobi

Haim is developing his research to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic affects racial, ethnic and national divisions in contested cities.

Case Studies

Covid testing portrait

Burden and impact of COVID-19 in care homes

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a substantial risk to elderly and vulnerable people. The virus spreads easily in care homes, where one in seven individuals aged 85 years or older live.

Dr Laura Shallcross (UCL Institute of Health Informatics) is leading a one-year ESRC UKRI funded study, to understand the burden and impact of COVID-19 in care homes.

Building on this ESRC COVID-19 research, Laura is now working with the Department of Health and Social Care, and NHS Data Foundry on a £4m study to test staff and residents in all FSHC care homes in England (106 care homes and 10,000 staff and residents).

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