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PPI People

Patient and public engagement at IHI is led by Natalie Fitzpatrick.  Natalie has over 15 years' experience working with patients and the public in research.  She has led patient and public engagement panels for large programme grants funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Wellcome Trust and currently leads the ‘AboutMe’ patient engagement pathfinder at UCL.  

Patient and Public Working Group and virtual panel

Our Patient and Public Working Group and virtual panel, which has a particular interest in healthcare records research, consists of people of all ages, backgrounds and experience, and has a range of experience serving on public panels. The panel’s interests vary from developing new methods and understanding statistical issues in the use of big data, to advancing science in disease areas including heart disease, mental health, cancer, lung, kidney and bowel disorders, and sight and hearing loss.

The panel can get involved in different ways including: o make sure patient health data

  • Providing advice to researchers including participating in workshops and feeding into the design of grant applications, surveys or questionnaires
  • Co-producing patient-facing materials e.g. consent forms or patient information leaflets
  • Helping to define the role of patients in future decision-making around use of data for research and innovation
  • Helping to define the role of patients in developing future collaborations such as with commercial organisations and industry


For further details about patient and public involvement and engagement activities at IHI or our #DataSavesLives campaign, please contact:

Natalie Fitzpatrick

Patient and Public Engagement and Involvement Lead
Phone 020 3549 5326