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New Paper: Cross-sectional exploration of the impact of the Dr Bawa-Garba case

19 August 2021

Professor Henry Potts and colleagues present their new paper, "Cross-sectional exploration of the impact of the Dr Bawa-Garba case on doctors' professional behaviours and attitudes towards the regulator"


Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was struck off in 2018 following the death of a child in her care, in part due to errors in her treatment. The case was controversial given the recognised systemic failures and pressures at the Trust where Bawa-Garba was working. The General Medical Council was criticised for taking a punitive approach in Bawa-Garba's case. During this period, confidence among English doctors that they are well regulated by the GMC and that the GMC’s disciplinary procedures produce fair outcomes fell. After this period, overall attitudes returned close to baseline. However, while confidence in how the GMC regulates doctors and their disciplinary procedures improved, it still remained below baseline, demonstrating the impact of the case on doctors' opinions.

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