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IHI's Dr Watjana Lilaonitkul research selected by Moorfields Eye Charity AI

24 August 2021

Dr Watjana Lilaonitkul and Dr Adam Dubis'project has been selected by Moorfields Eye Charity as an impactful work in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Dr Lilaonitkul and Dr Dubis have pulled together an international inherited eye disease dataset, which AI techniques can then use to predict how the structure of the retina changes over time in individual patients with IRDs. The ability to predict individualised outcomes of treatment and disease over time can potentially enable future clinical trials to become cheaper, faster, and more effective. Until new treatments become available, the technology developed here could also help doctors provide better care and more detailed advice to patients with IRD.  AI technologies like this can help revolutionise the landscape of rare disease studies, shorten the timescales for developing novel therapeutics and offer new hope for patients.

At the heart of our research lies the hope to better the odds for patients with IRD. We are very grateful for MEC’s support towards our commitment to innovate new technologies for this cause.


Dr Watjana Lilaonitkul

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For more information about this project please get in touch with Waty at watjana.lilaonitkul.16@ucl.ac.uk