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New website launched for Clinical and Research Informatics Unit (CRIU) at UCL/UCLH

23 September 2020

The Clinical and Research Informatics Unit (CRIU) at UCL/UCLH has a new website outlining how it supports hospital staff and academics/researchers in using clinical data in research


The Clinical and Research Informatics Unit (CRIU) at UCL/UCLH is excited to announce the launch of its new website.

Hosted on the BRC site, the CRIU pages offer a wealth of information to researchers, clinicians, students and our wider communities about current initiatives and key developments, including the latest news on our COVID-19 related projects.

The goal of this new microsite is to provide visitors with an easy way to learn about our activities and the informatics infrastructure supporting UCLH’s vision to become a data-driven research hospital.

Our website features specific sections on:

-          Data Sources (highlighting CogStack, the natural language processing platform which facilitates retrieval and extraction of information from free-text documents using standardised terminologies)

-          Data Explorer (DEX) (a portal designed to allow UCLH staff to formally request access to patient data)

-          Data Infrastructure (provided by EMAP, a translational data science platform built in and for the NHS and created to support data science)

-          Keytrials (a trials discovery platform underpinning Findastudy.uclh.nhs.uk)

-          Research Impact (showcasing our highly-cited publications, national and international collaborations and cutting-edge research programmes)

-          Your Data: an A-Z (reiterating our commitment to Information Governance and patient engagement in research)

-          Study and Capacity Building and Careers pages.

Visit the website.