UCL Institute of Health Informatics


UCL is UK #1 in digital health publications (globally #7)

23 September 2019

According to HealthXL’s Digital Health Evidence Report 2019, which aimed to identify ‘innovation hotspots’, UCL is the academic centre with the highest number of digital health publications in the UK.  

Global Institutions ranked by data health publications

The report found that of their publications sample, 24.21% had EU based authors including 10.14% with UK based authors. 

The report also ranked academic centres based on the number of digital health publications attributed to them. UCL was ranked 7th in the world with 1,670 publications. It was the only UK based centre within the top 10 and one of two EU based organisations (the Max Planck Society was ranked 6th with 1,685 publications).

Geographical map of data health publications

Dr Henry Potts was a contributing author for this report. You can read more about the report on HealthXL's website.