UCL Institute of Health Informatics


New appointments at IHI: Deputy Directors

1 February 2019

Two Deputy Directors have been appointed at IHI to assist Director Harry Hemingway...

S Denaxas

Dr Spiros Denaxas, Deputy Director of Research
Spiros is Associate Professor in Biomedical Informatics. He leads CALIBER, a translational research resource which links electronic health records from primary care, hospital care and national mortality registries for ~10m patients, as well as the Denaxas Lab, working at the intersection of clinical research and computer science. Spiros’s research focuses on creating and evaluating novel computational methods for risk prediction, data modelling, phenotyping and subphenotype discovery in structure electronic health records and other clinical and genomic data.




P Taylor


Professor Paul Taylor, Deputy Director of Training and Education

Paul is Professor of Health Informatics. His research focuses on software to improve clinical decision-making. He is interested in seeing how recent advances in the application of neural networks to medical imaging can be most effectively applied to improve the quality of clinical decision-making. He is also active in the use of large datasets, including image databases, to improve our understanding of disease and the effectiveness of treatment, using a large collection of data on ophthalmology from 28 different hospitals. In recent years, Paul has been the driving force behind the development of new teaching at IHI, including the successful three Masters’ programmes and short courses.