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Introduction to R for Healthcare Researchers

R is becoming increasing popular to manage and analyse all forms and sizes of data. This course will take you from basic concepts to some of the most powerful and diverse applications of the R programming language.

Participants will learn how to manage data in a variety of formats and use both inbuilt and user-defined tools to perform tasks that are routinely encountered with real data. By the end of the course, participants should be confident to use R for their own research projects.

Planned Timetable

TimeSession TitleContentLead Tutor
09:30-10:30Introduction1) Introduction into R
2) Basic operations
3) Getting data into and out of R 
4) Data structures
Dr Catherine Smith
10:45-11:45Handling Data

5) Tidy data

6) Creating variables

7) Reshaping data

8) Joining data
Dr Kenan Direk

9) Introduction to visualisation using ggplot2

10) Plotting data

11) Comparing groups
Dr Catherine Smith
14:45-15:45Statistical analysis9) Calculating group summaries
10) Fitting statistical models
Dr Kenan Direk

11) Challenges associated with reproducible research

12) Technical approaches

Dr Kenan Direk

Course Team

Dr Kenan Direk (Lead Tutor)

Kenan Direk profile picture
Kenan currently researches subsequent events in patients with coronary heart disease through large-scale linked health record data.

He also contributes to international efforts in the genetic epidemiology of coronary heart disease.

Dr Catherine Smith (lead Tutor)

Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith is an infectious disease epidemiologist who has been at UCL since 2013.

She is currently working on projects using electronic health records and survey data to improve our understanding of the use of antibiotics within different healthcare settings.