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Health Information Systems and Technologies

Health Informaticians need to participate on the development or procurement of health information systems for use by clinicians; patients, public; other professionals and researchers. They will provide oversight and understanding of the functionality of health/clinical information systems and applications. These clinical systems do not stand-alone and increasingly interoperate, exchanging data with other systems that potentially do not sit in the traditional clinical system ecosystem. In this rapidly changing landscape, health informaticians are required to rethink the methods and techniques used in system development and analysis. This must be done in a way that fits within the standards and guidance relating to medical devices, infrastructure/software development; data security and network management in a range of scenarios. 

Module code


UCL credits


Course Length

9 Weeks


Wk 5: (Wed - Fri) 20 – 22 January 2021

Assessment Dates

22nd February 2021

Module organiser

Prof George Moulton, Dr Matthew Darlison, Gary Leeming Dr Sabine Van de Veer Please direct queries to courses-IHI@ucl.ac.uk


  • Health Information Systems
  • Stakeholders and Gathering System Requirements
  • Health Software and Architecture
  • Data in Health and Care
  • Quality assurance and system testing
  • Implementation of health information systems

Teaching and learning methods

Web-based distance learning in the UCL Virtual Learning Environment.


This module is assessed in two ways: an individual written assignment (80%) and group work and presentation (20%)