UCL Health Humanities Centre



Theme Lead: Sarah Edwards

Our bioethics research includes a wide range of topics in what is traditionally known as bioethics, including research ethics, the role and limits of consent, the justifiability of paternalism, and mental capacity. Bioethics is essentially inter-disciplinary and, as such, draws on methods in philosophy, law and social science to answer practical and policy questions raised in the biosciences including medicine. The UCL/KCL Joint Bioethics Colloquium runs monthly during term time.

Current projects include:

  1. Use of Experimental Medicines for Ebola
    Sapfo Lignou, Division of Medicine; Sandra Quinn, Maryland, USA; Alex John London, Carnegie Mellon, USA; Charles Weijer, Western Ontario, Canada.
  2. Motivations for participating in health research
    Katrine Bavnek, Heart Hospital; Dan Bromage, Institute of Cardiology; Natalie Bidad, Centre for Behavioural Medicine; Lindsay MacDonald, Centre for Behavioural Medicine.
  3. Ethics of using medical treatments ‘off-label’
    Gaetano Burriesci, Mechanical Engineering; Dan Bromage, Institute of Cardiology.
  4. Adaptive licensing of new drugs
    Megan Morgan, CASMI; Richard Barker, CASMI; Sarah Garner, NICE; Sian Rees, Oxford.
  5. Ethics and patient adherence to medicines
    Prince Saprai, Laws; Rob Horne, School of Pharmacy
  6. Supporting health decisions with mentally non-competent adults
    Felicity Smith, Pharmacy; Liz Jamieson, Pharmacy; Richard O’Neill Nottingham;  Jillian Craigie, King’s College