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About our MAs

The MAs share common core courses, while having specific routes. These are jointly administered through the Centre for the Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry (CMII). 

These MAs also share modules with the African Studies with Health MSc (administered through SELCS/CMII) and the China Health and Humanities MA (administered through UCL History).

Sickle Cell Anaemia. . EM Unit, UCL Medical School, Royal Free Campus, Wellcome Images. This image shows 2 red blood cells, the one in front is displaying the characteristic "sickle-shape" (a flattened 'C' shape) common to the disease.

Health Humanities MPhil/PhD

The MPhil/PhD programme in Health Humanities offers students the possibility to study with world-leading academics in the Health Humanities, researching issues related to health and illness from the humanities and social sciences in the vibrant research community of the UCL Health Humanities Centre, with the unparalleled research resources of Bloomsbury.

We are particularly interested in project proposals in interdisciplinary health humanities; history of medicine and the psychological disciplines; empirical bioethics; public health ethics, and philosophy of medicine.