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Action on Smoking and Health: For a wide range of materials relating to tobacco policy and research go to www.ash.org.uk

Addiction: For details on this journal go to www.addiction.org

Cochrane Library: This is an invaluable source of systematic reviews on the effectiveness of key interventions to combat smoking: www.cochrane.org

Journal of Smoking Cessation: This new journal publishes material of direct clinical relevance to practitioners in the field of smoking cessation. Go to www.atypon-link.com/AAP/loi/jsc

Mood and Physical Symptoms Questionnaire: A brief validated questionnaire used to assess nicotine withdrawal symptoms click here

Nicotine and Tobacco Research: One of the key journals in the tobacco field. Go to www.ntrjournal.org

PRIME Theory of motivation: For materials relating to this theory go to www.primetheory.com

QUIT: For useful information on stopping smoking from the national charity devoted to this in the UK go to www.quit.org.uk

Smoking Cessation Service Research Network: For information on this network of smoking cessation clinics who are interested in research go to www.scsrn.org

Smoking Toolkit Study materials and findings: For details go to www.smokinginengland.info

Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco: For information on this society go to www.srnt.org

Tobacco Control: This is one of the key journals in the tobacco control field. Go to tobaccocontrol.bmj.com

UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies: The Centre is a strategic partnership of UK universities in England and Scotland involving leading tobacco control researchers from a range of disciplines.. Go to www.ukctcs.org/

UK National Smoking Cessation Conference: For details of this annual conference go to www.uknscc.org

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