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PhD Student

Research interests
  • The application of health literacy and numeracy to understanding inequalities in health
  • Attitudes towards colorectal cancer screening
  • Patient preference for colorectal screening and diagnostic procedures
  • Stressful urological medical procedures
Current research
Medical Research Council PhD: Health literacy and colorectal cancer screening uptake
SIGGAR: Multi-centre randomised comparison of CT colonography versus standard investigation (barium enema or colonoscopy)
Optimising radiological bowel imaging techniques (ORBIT): Interventions for efficient and acceptable diagnosis in symptomatic and screening populations.

2010 - Medical Research Council PhD Student
2009 - 2010 Research Assistant, University College London

2009 MSc Health Psychology, Kings College London
2008 BSc Psychology, City University

Smith SG, von Wagner C, McGregor L, Curtis LM, Wilson EAH, Serper M, Wolf MS (accepted) The influence of health literacy on comprehension of a colonoscopy preparation information leaflet. Diseases of the Colon and Rectum.

Ghanouni A, Smith SG, Halligan S, Plumb A, Boone D, Sweeney Magee M, Wardle J, von Wagner C (in press) Public perceptions and preferences for CT Colonography or colonoscopy in colorectal cancer screening. Patient Education and Counseling.

Wolf MS, Curtis LM, Wilson EAH, Revelle W, Waite KR, Smith SG, Weintraub S, Borosh B, Rapp DN, Park DC, Deary IC, Baker DW (in press) Literacy, Cognitive Function and Health: Results of the LitCog study. Journal of General Internal Medicine

Smith, S. G., Petrides K. V., Green J. S. A., Sevdalis, N. (in press) The role of trait emotional intelligence in the diagnostic cancer pathway. Supportive Care in Cancer

von Wagner, C., Ghanouni, A., Halligan, S., Smith, S. G., Power, E., Dadswell, E., Lilford, R. J., Morton, D., Atkin, W., Wardle, J. (in press) Patient acceptability and psychological consequences of CT Colonography compared with colonoscopy: Results from a multicenter randomized controlled trial of symptomatic patients. Radiology

Hafeez, R., von Wagner, C., Smith, S., Boulos, P., Halligan, S., Bloom, S., Taylor, S. (in press) Patient experiences of MR colonography and colonoscopy: a qualitative study. British Journal of Radiology

von Wagner, C., Smith, S., Halligan, S., Ghanouni, A., Power, E., Lilford, R. J., Morton, D., Dadswell, E., Atkin, W., Wardle, J. (in press) Patient acceptability of CT colonography compared with double contract barium enema: Results from a multicentre randomised controlled trial of symptomatic patients. European Radiology

Von Wagner, C., Good, A., Smith, S. G., Wardle, J. (in press) Responses to procedural information about colorectal screening using Faecal Occult Blood testing: the role of consideration of future consequences. Health Expectations

Smith, S. G, Turner, B., Pati, J., Petrides, K.V., Sevdalis, N., Green, J. (2012). Predictors of psychological impairment in patients undergoing investigation for urological cancers. Supportive Care in Cancer, 20, 699-704

Smith, S.G., von Wagner, C. (2012) Health literacy: Applications to health psychology. Health Psychology Update, 21, 19-26.

Robb, K., Smith, S. G., Power, E., Kralj-Hans, I., Vance, M., Wardle, J., Atkin, W. (2011) Nurses' experiences of a colorectal cancer screening pilot. British Journal of Nursing, 20, 210-218

Smith, S. G., Wolf, M. S., Von Wagner, C. (2010). Socioeconomic status, statistical confidence and patient-provider communication: An analysis of the Health Information Trends Survey (Hints 2007). Journal of Health Communication 15, 169-185

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Sam Smith

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Postal address: Health Behaviour Research Centre, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health,
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