Ovarian cancer has a poor prognosis, because it is often diagnosed in later stages of the disease.  However, there is an opportunity to improve outcomes through advances in risk prediction and risk stratification.  PROMISE-2016 is an international, multidisciplinary research project which aims to find ways for predicting a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer.  This would include the assessment of genetic risk.  Subsequent screening would be tailored to a woman’s personal risk.  Here at the HBRC, we investigate public attitudes to this approach, using focus groups, one-to-one interviews and questionnaires with women of different age groups and backgrounds. We will also develop materials to help women decide whether they would want to take part in the PROMISE 2016 risk prediction programme.  

This project is funded by CR-UK and Eve Appeal.

For more information, please contact Jinata Subba Limbu:

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