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Volcanological research themes are aimed at building the knowledge base to inform and forewarn communities, governments, businesses and humanitarian and development agencies.

The UHC undertakes fundamental environmental, applied and strategic research in hazards driven by volcanoes. Such research is needed more than ever before because global population is increasing and becoming more exposed to these risks through a greater occupation of hazardous environments.

Hazard forecasting

Hazard forecasting

Leanr more about how we can improve hazard forecasting

Large calderas: Campi Flegrei

Large calderas: Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei in Italy is home to more than 300,000 people.

Large calderas - Rabaul

Large calderas: Rabaul

This caldera in Papua New Guinea has been the focus of work here at UCLHC

Historical Eruptions

Historical eruptions

The occurence of past eruptions have been under investigation. 

UCL Hazards Centre:

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We are partnered with the UCL Department of Earth Sciences.

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