Department of Structural and Molecular Biology

Division of Biosciences

University College London

Darwin Building - Gower Street

WC1E 6BT London, UK



Zoja Nagurnaja

Former PhD Student


Now Researcher at GSK, UK







BSc Biology from Imperial College London (2009-2012)

4-year BBSRC DTP studenship at UCL (2012-2016)


Project and biological interests:

In my first DTP year, I undertook two rotation projects. First at the Department of Surgery and Interventional Science at Royal Free Hospital, where I was developing methods to track attachment of human primary tracheal cells to the scaffolds, under supervision of Prof Alexander Seifalian. My second rotation was at the Institute of Healthy Ageing under the supervision of Dr Eugene Schuster, where I was looking at genetic mechanisms regulating lifespan in C.elegans worms.


I started at ISMB in July 2013 and my current project looks at the dynamics of oligomerisation of class I HDACs 1 and 2.  My work is across two labs and I am using mass spectrometry and ion mobility mass spectrometry to access complex formation.