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Harry Mackenzie

PhD Student (UCB Celltech)


Email: harold.mackenzie.16[at]




PhD title (working):

Development of NMR methodology to study the role of dynamics in protein amino acid side chains during complex formation.


Research Interests:

My interests lie with the study of the structure and behaviour of molecules at an atomic level. I am experienced in the study of small molecules using NMR spectroscopy and am thrilled to now focus on biologically relevant macromolecules. My goal is to understand, and develop novel spectroscopic methods to probe, the role of side chain dynamics in protein-protein and protein-ligand complexes and ultimately use this information to benefit patients.


Away from the magnets, I enjoy swimming, cycling and cooking. I occasionally enjoy reminding myself on the golf course that despite my time in St Andrews, my continued exclusion from the Ryder Cup team is probably the right call. I am also keen skier and have been known to strum a guitar from time to time.


Brief CV:

2016 - Present: PhD student in the Hansen group at University College London, UK.

2011 - Present: Research scientist at UCB Celltech, Slough, UK

2010 - 2011: MPhil in Systems Chemistry at the University of St Andrews, UK. Thesis title: "Overcoming Limited Selectivity in Recognition-Mediated Replicating Systems" in the group of Professor Douglas Philp.

2006 - 2010: MChem (First Class Honours) in Chemistry with Forensic Science at the University of Manchester, UK. Final year project: "Exploratory Studies into the Prebiotic Synthesis of Purine Based Nucleosides" in the group of Professor John D. Sutherland.



2016 - Present: Sponsorship provided by UCB Celltech.

2011 - 2012: Sponsorship provided by EPSRC.