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D. Flemming Hansen

Professor and Chair of NMR spectroscopy


Email:   d.hansen[at]






My research interests:

Macromolecular motions and dynamics have fascinated me since the onset of my scientific career. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how the movements of a protein on a rugged free-energy landscape relates to biological function and how the brief excursions that enzymes make from their ground state to minor populated excited states influence molecular function. I also have a strong interest in the development of new NMR methodology to characterise macromolecular motions, interactions, and dynamics.


Brief CV:

1997-2000: BSc, Chemistry and Physics; University of Copenhagen.

2000-2003: MSc (Cand Scient), Chemistry; University of Copenhagen.

2003-2005: PhD with Prof Jens Led, Biophysical Chemistry; University of Copenhagen.

2004: Research project with Prof John Markley, University of Madison-Wisconsin.

2004: Research project with Prof Edward Solomon, Stanford University.

2005-2010: Postdoctoral fellow with Prof Lewis E Kay, University of Toronto.

2010-2014: PI, Lecturer (~Assistant Prof.) and David Phillips Fellow, University College London.

2014-2017: PI, Senior lecturer (~Associate Prof.), University College London.

2015- : Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

2017- : Full Professor and Chair of NMR Spectroscopy, University College London.

List of publications contains >50 peer-reviewed articles published in international journals (average impact factor of 6.5). Please follow the link below to view list of publications from Pubmed or from Google Scholar.


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