The Gupta Lab

Researching HIV host pathogen interactions and working towards the elusive cure. The picture shows immunofluorescence of HIV infected monocyte derived macrophages. (Courtesy of Petra Mlcochova)

Researching host-pathogen and drug-pathogen interactions to inform HIV treatment and curative strategies.

The Gupta lab has teams in both London and at the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban South Africa. Our work focuses on two areas:

  • Studying  HIV drug resistance to protease / integrase inhibitors and implications for global scale up of antiretroviral therapy.
  • Dissecting the biology of macrophage-virus interactions given myeloid cells are parasitised by HIV and are a difficult-to-treat reservoir.

Recent Publications

Mlcochova P, Caswell S, Taylor I, Towers GJ, Gupta RK. DNA damage induced by topoisomerase inhibitors activates SAMHD1 and blocks HIV-1 infection of macrophages. The EMBO J 2018; 37:50–62

Mlcochova P, Sutherland KA, Watters SA, Bertoli C, de Bruin RAM, Rehwinkel J, Neil SJ, Lenzi GM, Kim B, Khwaja A, Gage MC, Georgiou C, Chittka A, Yona S, Noursadeghi M, Towers GJ, Gupta RK. A G1– like state allows HIV– 1 to bypass SAMHD1 restriction in macrophages. The EMBO J 2017; Mar 1;36(5):604-616.

Gupta RK, Gregson J, Parkin N, Haile-Selassie H, Tanuri A, Andrade Forero L, Kaleebu P , Watera C, Aghokeng A, Mutenda N, Dzangare J, Hone S, Hang ZZ, Garcia J,  Garcia Z, Marchorro P, Beteta E, Roman M, Giron A, Hamers R, Inzauke S, Frenkel LM, Chung MH,de Oliveira T, Pillay D, Naidoo K, Kharsany A, Kugathasan R, Cutino T, Hunt G, Avila Rios S, Doherty M, Jordan MR, Bertagnolio S. HIV-1 drug resistance prior to initiation or re-initiation of first-line antiretroviral therapy in low- and middle-income countries – a meta regression analysis. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2018 Mar;18(3):346-355

Gregson J, Kaleebu P, Marconi VC, van Vuuren C, Ndembi N, Hamers RL, Kanki P, Hoffmann CJ, Lockman S, Pillay D, de Oliveira T, Clumeck N, Hunt G, Kerschberger B, Shafer RW, Yang C, Raizes E, Kantor R, Gupta RKOccult drug resistance to thymidine analogues and multidrug resistant HIV– 1 following failure of first line tenofovir– based antiretroviral regimens in sub Saharan Africa: a retrospective multi– centre cohort study. Lancet infectious Diseases 2017;17: 296-304. 

Kugathasan R, Collier DA, Haddow LJ, El Bouzidi K, Edwards SG, Cartledge JD, Miller RF, Gupta RK. Diffuse white matter signal abnormalities on MRI are associated with HIV– 1 viral escape in the central nervous system among patients with neurological symptoms. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2017; Apr 15;64(8):1059-1065

Rhee S, Varghese V, Holmes SP, Van Zyl GU, Steegen K, Boyd MA, Cooper DA, Nsanzimana S, Saravanan S, Charpentier C, de Oliveira T, Etiebet MAA, Garcia F, Goedhals D, Gomes P, Günthard HF, Hamers RL, Hoffmann CJ, Hunt G, Jiamsakul A, Kaleebu P, Kanki PJ, Kantor R, Kerschberger B, Marconi VC, Jd’Amour Ndahimana J, Ndembi N, Ngo-Giang-Huong N, Rokx C, Santoro MM, Schapiro JM, Schmidt D, Seu L, Sigaloff KCE, Sirivichayakul S, Skhosana L, Sunpath H, Tang M, Yang C, Carmona S, Gupta RK*, Shafer RW(co-senior author). Mutational correlates of virological failure in individuals receiving a WHO-recommended tenofovir-containing first-line regimen: an international collaboration. EbioMedicine 2017 Apr;18:225-235.

Collier DA, Iwuji C, Derache A, de Oliveira T, Okesola N, Calmy A, Dabis F, Pillay D, Gupta RK for the ANRS 12249 TasP Study Group. Virological Outcomes of second– line protease inhibitor based treatment for HIV– 1 in a high prevalence rural South African setting – a competing risk prospective cohort analysis. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2017; Apr 15;64(8):1006-1016

Goodall R, Dunn DT, Nkurunziza P, Mugarura L, Pattery T, Munderi P, Kityo C, Gilks C, Kaleebu P, Pillay D, Gupta RK on behalf of the DART Virology Group. Rapid accumulation of HIV– 1 thymidine analogue mutations and phenotypic impact following prolonged viral failure on zidovudine based first line antiretroviral therapy in sub Saharan Africa. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2017; May 1;72(5):1450-1455

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The Gupta Lab is funded by the Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship in Clinical Science awarded to Dr Ravi Gupta.

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