Grondt & Inleyding


Inleyding tot de Hooge Schoole der Schilderkonst: Anders de Zichtbaere Werelt, Rotterdam, 1678

The version translated here is the text downloaded from the University of London Senate House Library website. It is a scan of a copy in the Warburg Institute Library.

Copies of early books, even of the same edition, can vary in appearance and content - not only were they bound differently by different original owners, but they have all enjoyed long histories of (usually benevolent) interference by collectors, dealers, librarians and curators.

Links to the biographical, critical and bibliographical materials are in the margin on the left.

Here too are the links to the various parts of the Inleyding. (There are ten links: the first is to the Prefaces, and then there is one to each of the nine books, each named after a Muse.)

This is a beta version - it is not final. Throughout the progress of the work, and during the preparation of more finished and annotated pdf versions, and likely even after that, corrections will be continue to be made.