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Cruciform Hub awarded Gold for green credentials

The recently-refurbished Cruciform Hub has received a RICS Ska Gold award for its environmental credentials, which include energy efficient lighting throughout, use of sustainable timber and 99% of all waste generated by the project avoiding landfill. More...

Published: Mar 25, 2015 1:01:00 PM

UCL student a finalist in Mayor of London's Low Carbon competition

Louis's 'Gaia Gallery' project is based in a heritage canal boat and aims to create the UK’s first entirely off-grid touring event space. The project is volunteer-led and has been shaped by a carbon neutral design that incorporates alternative technologies, reclaimed materials and natural building methods. The barge is also currently being converted to operate on recycled vegetable oil, further improving the impact of the project. More...

Published: Mar 18, 2015 1:17:00 PM

Free cycle tours of London (bikes provided!)

After the success of our first rides, we're running more guided cycle tours around London for UCL students. All abilities are welcome, whether you're a cycling fanatic or a total beginner. Even if you don't have a bike, don't worry; we can provide one.

Published: Mar 16, 2015 10:04:00 AM

Green Impact Spring League Table

The results of Green Impact (so far) are in! Huge congratulations to everyone involved for a high number of actions taken already. Green Impact veterans PALS are in the lead, but there's still plenty of time to catch up and challenge them. And don’t be put off if your team hasn’t taken many actions yet - there are still almost three months to go until the final deadline for this year's programme (on 25/05/15).

Published: Mar 6, 2015 4:50:00 PM

Green Impact Help


Below are answers to some common Green Impact questions. If you'd like to know anything else, just get in touch.

1. An overview of the programme

Teams sign up to take part in Green Impact. They may be composed of members from a department or floor of a building. These teams can be very small (i.e. 1-2 members) or large (e.g. 15-30+ members). 

These teams take part by using an online workbook, which contains a range of actions that they can take to improve energy efficiency, biodiversity, management, recycling and communications (to name a few). This online workbook can be found at:

Criteria in this workbook are split into Bronze, Silver and Gold categories, depending on how demanding they are. Depending on how ambitious teams are, they can aim for a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum award.

Throughout the year, there is an element of friendly competition, as teams are updated on their performance and how this compares to the other participants.

At the end of the year, this online workbook is submitted and the teams are audited by UCL students who receive environmental auditor training as part of the programme. Teams that have accumulated enough points will be rewarded with nationally-recognised accreditations at the Green Impact award ceremony.

2. When does Green Impact start and finish? What are the key dates?

Green Impact is an annual programme. The 2014-15 programme will run as follows:

  • Green Impact 2014-15 workbook goes live: September '14
  • Ongoing Green Impact drop-in sessions
  • Green Impact workbooks closes: Monday 25th May 2015
  • Green Impact workbooks audited: Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th June 2015
  • Awards ceremony: date tbc

3. How does the scoring work?

The way Green Impact is scored can appear a little complicated, but really, there's just a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • The workbook splits the actions that teams can take into tabs (Bronze, Silver, Gold), according to their difficulty. Actions that are more difficult receive more points.
  • The points you need can be gained by completing criteria from any tab of the workbook, no matter which award you aim for - although you must complete the appropriate mandatory criteria to receive your award.
 Bronze tab Silver tab Gold tab
Criteria earn 1 point Criteria earn 2 points Criteria earn 3 points
  • Achieving an award at any level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) requires that teams accumulate a certain number of points. Some of these actions are mandatory. The rest can be picked from anywhere in the workbook to make up the total number of points the team are aiming for.  

5. What is the 'Excellence' category?

Teams which have previously scored either a Gold or Platinum award are invited to run an Excellence Project (these can be found in the 'Special Awards' tab). Teams are expected to complete some basic actions to maintain their environmental performance (as defined in the Excellence Project Brief Sheets), and can complete more if they wish, but then they undertake a larger project of their choice to retain their previous year's award.  

Excellence projects are structured around one of three key themes, or a new theme developed by the Green Impact team with guidance from the Sustainability Team. The Sustainability Team supplies some ‘off the shelf’ project ideas for each of these themes, but teams are also encouraged to develop their own. These projects are assessed using an approx. 1000 word report that teams submit using through their Green Impact workbook. Projects will be audited by student auditors.

Find out more about Excellence Projects

6. How do I print the workbook?

There is a printer symbol in the right hand corner above the ‘done’ box on each of the criteria pages. Click that symbol and a new tab will open which provides a print preview page. This lists the criteria in a print-friendly format although of course we recommend you only print if absolutely necessary. 

7. What is the comments box for?

The comments box is there to support the workbook completion and audit process. When auditing the auditors will wish to see evidence for the criteria. The comments box can be used to record information that will make the audit easier by recording where a document is saved for example or by recording who implemented the criteria. This can also support the team in keeping track of what has happened within the team as each comment is threaded showing you who’s left the comment and when. 

8. How do I change my password?

To change your password or any other contact details, click on the profile tab which can be found on the right hand side of the introduction page once you have logged in. You will see that you are then able to enter a new password. 

9. What happens if we don't get a Bronze?

If you are unable to complete all of the Bronze criteria you can still receive a 'Working Towards' accreditation if you meet the 11 mandatory Bronze criteria. 


10. Are there resources and templates to help me complete the workbook?

Yes. Just go to the Green Impact resources page.

11. Who can help me with completing the workbook?

Anyone within your team can support you to complete the workbook and we would encourage you to get as many people involved as possible. If your colleagues also want access to the workbook, just get them to register, choosing your team from the drop-down menu so they can see the same comments as you. If you have any problems, particularly resource based, please get in touch with the Sustainability Team. If you have a wider problem, your appointed NUS Green Impact Officer will be happy to help. Please find their details under ‘Contact’ or in the green footer at the bottom of each page of your workbook.