UCL's Sustainability Annual Report 2014-15

Explore this interactive illustration above to find out about UCL's progress and see examples of inspiring sustainability action across the university.

This report maps our successes and challenges in creating a more sustainable university

Richard Jackson, UCL's Director of Sustainability introduces the report and thanks the UCL community for their work. 

When it comes to creating a sustainable university, collaboration, and breaking down boundaries, really is key to our success.  Much of our progress relies on collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders within UCL, and with external partners. And nowhere is this more strongly demonstrated than in UCL’s Living Lab, our project to support use of the campus as a test bed for research. Through this programme, we’re continuing to collaborate with students and staff to identify projects which support the aims of UCL’s sustainability strategy, while contributing to the institution’s research agenda.

UCL's Sustainability Annual Report

As a result of the programme, a wide range of studies using UCL’s campus as a test bed for research have been undertaken, including a large number of MSc and PhD research projects.

Read UCL's Sustainability Annual Report

We also continue to support a module for UCL’s BASc course involving collaboration with students, Estates, Sustainability and plumbing staff to install water meters in UCL toilets, and as you’ll see in this report, some pioneering research into the impact of lighting colour on thermal comfort that was put to the test in UCL’s Engineering Front Building. In this report, you’ll also be able to read about the benefits of collaboration between students, staff and our external partners.

In collaboration with charity Global Generation, students from The Bartlett’s BASc Architecture course have designed and built seven new sustainable structures in The Skip Garden, an urban garden and community space in the heart of Kings Cross. Now open to the public, The Bartlett’s collaboration with Global Generation has created new areas for teaching and learning, whilst giving undergraduates experience of project management and design, as well as exposure to a real client and brief. 

Thank you again, and we look forward to working together in the year ahead.

Explore the interactive illustration above or read UCL's Sustainability Annual Report (.pdf)