Sustainable UCL


Communicating Sustainability

Let your department know you are the Green Champion with these resources:

Celebrate your involvement in Green Impact with email footers:

  • To download the image, right click and save as.
  • If your team has received a Green Impact award, please email us for a personalised footer.

Promote sustainability through your website

If your department has its own webpage, why not add a 'Green Page' containing information on what the department is doing to reduce its own environmental impacts. It should include:

  • Links to the GreenUCL webpage
  • Your departments own environmental policy or commitment
  • Contact details for the Departmental Environment Officer, Green Champion and/or committee

Best practice examples:

Do Nation

Use Do Nation to help people in your department make small behaviour changes that add up to make the world healthier, happier and more sustainable. To get involved, simply:

  1. Have a look at the Do Nation actions and choose your top 5.
  2. Email our Sustainability Communications Officer your preferred 5, your department's name and how many people are in your division. They will add you to the leaderboard and send you your personalised link.
  3. Share the link and get as many people as you can to pledge an action! The department with the highest votes per person will win a prize at UCL's Sustainablity Awards Ceremony.

Get sustainability into job descriptions

By including environmental good-practice into job descriptions, it helps create culture change as new staff will be on board with environmental issues from their first day. It can also help to attract greener staff to apply for jobs in the department. Create your own statement or use the following statement:

"The staff member has a responsibility to carry out their duties in a resource efficient way and actively support UCL’s Sustainability Strategy, policies and objectives within the remit of their role."

Your HR rep should be able to include it into all new job descriptions.

Add Sustainability into your inductions

Please use our text to communicate sustainability in your staff inductions.


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