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UCL's Green Champions

Green Champions are a network of staff and student volunteers. They work together to make UCL a cleaner, greener, more sustainable place to work and study.

The role is flexible and designed to suit staff and students' interests, priorities and schedules. At its core, it's all about being enthusiastic about sustainability issues your department and working to help improve UCL’s environmental impact.


Remember: if you'd like to find or contact a Green Champion, just use the Green Champion directory

Become a Green Champion

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Student Green Champions

Becoming a Green Champion is a great way to improve the environmental impact of your department, boost your sustainability literacy and is a great addition to your CV. As a student Green Champion, you could:

  • Take part in volunteering activities such as those listed on our programmes pages.
  • Help your department take part in the UCL-wide Green Impact programme.
  • Spread awareness about sustainability events, programmes and initiatives at UCL. 
  • Gather and share ideas and feedback on how UCL can improve its environmental performance.
  • Attend termly Green Champion Forums.
  • Receive training sessions to develop skills in areas like environmental auditing.

Staff Green Champions

Staff Green Champions support UCL’s sustainability agenda and help improve UCL’s environmental performance. The UCL Academic Manual now stipulates that all departments should have a member of staff charged with environmental responsibilities and having a Green Champion is an excellent way to achieve this. The role is flexible and varied, but you could:

  • Ensure that your department takes part in UCL's Green Impact programme.
  • Ensure that colleagues are aware of your contact details and role as Green Champion. 
  • Use your department's social media sites to help spread awareness about UCL's sustainability events and initiatives. 
  • Communicate new initiatives (such as recycling bins) to colleagues to generate understanding and support.
  • Attend and participate in forums and meetings of the Green Champion network.

How can I become a Green Champion?

Anyone can become a Green Champion. If you'd like to become one in your department, or if you have any questions about the role, please contact the Sustainability Team

There are three steps to becoming a Green Champion:

  1. Sign up: Speak to the Sustainability Team about joining, and any help or support you'd like.
  2. Get essential updates: get the Sustainability Team's newsletter and join the Green Champions email discussion list.
  3. Get listed on the directory: make sure you're listed in the Green Champion directory so others can contact you.