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Staff Opportunities

I'm a member of staff: how can I take part?

Anyone can take part in Green Impact including professional and academic staff as well as research staff and students. Green Impact is a fun programme, which allows staff to meet like-minded people, gain knowledge in sustainability and make positive changes. To get started follow the steps below.

Check if your department is already involved

First of all, find out if your department is already taking part in the programme by contacting your departmental Green Champion. If they are, let them know that you would like to join the team.

If your department isn't taking part, or there isn't a green champion, let the Sustainability Communications Officer know that you are interested.

Have a look at an example toolkit: www.greenimpact.org.uk/example, username: example@nus.org.uk, password:example to familiarise yourself with the programme.

Recruit a Team

Green Impact is more fun and easier in a team, so be sure to ask colleagues if they would be interested in joining you. The Sustainability team can put you in touch with a student Green Impact Project Assistant if required and can help with recruiting colleagues. Teams can be composed of staff members or students from a department, lab, office or floor of a building.


Teams sign up to Green Impact via the online workbook. You can choose to complete either the office workbook, or if you've already completed the Bronze Award you can choose to do a project of your choice.

Spot checks

At the end of the year students are trained in environmental auditing and check that you have completed the actions successfully.


Teams receive awards at the UCL Sustainability awards.